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Still can't believe that i passed my test,i called Gordon about 6 weeks before my test and asked him to help me with no idea how much work was required ( i genuinely thought driving was mostly luck at that point ).It usually takes me a long time to learn new things but somehow we managed to get through it..He didn't have much time free but he managed to find time for me at least twice a week and was always patient yet persistent in his teaching.He often had to explain things several times in different ways until i understood but always found the way of teaching that was right for me,and would always fully answer any questions no matter how obvious or stupid it seemed.Now i'm on the other side of the world and ready to go roadtripping which until the day i passed felt totally imposssible .

Hester Owenhill,Gorebridge

Would 100% recommend Eskbank driving school to anyone looking to either start or refresh their driving skills.Gordon was absolutely fantastic with me and had all the patience in the world and the belief in my abilty to spur me on.Can't thank him enough.

John Lithgow,Gorebridge

I think Gordon is a great instructor i would highly recommend to anyone who is struggling with there lessons or looking to start learning to drive.He has so much patience for you even when your panicking.i passed because of my determination but also due to the fact i had Gordon behind me supporting me all the way.As i said i highly recommend his driving school.

Bekka Fleming,Bonnyrigg.

Great instructor and he definately gave me the extra push and boost of confidence ensuring i passed first time.Recommend Gordon big time!!.

Laurie Adam,Edinburgh

Very good instructor.Gordon made me feel relaxed from the very start to the end,i would recommend him to anyone.Top man,cheers Gordon.

Ross Scollon,Gorebridge

Gordon is a great driving instructor,i'm a nervous wreck and he still got me through in the end.

Stephanie Douglas,Edinburgh

Really great instructor,Gordon was very understanding and flexible to my needs and timescale.We got through everything quickly that we needed too in depth while still being patient,i would highly recommend him to anyone looking to drive as he is very skilled and patient.Thanks a lot Gordon.

Chris Hope,Edinburgh

Great instructor.I started out with very little confidence and next to no experience but Gordon made things simple and eased me into the beginning stages and also gave me an extra push when necessary.Great tuition and support,especially to pick back up my confidence to make a second attempt at the test.Sad to leave Eskbank driving school but Gordon has definitely prepared me for the roads.Highly recommended

Lauren Kay Reid, Dalkeith

With needing to pass an extended test,Gordon helped me achieve just that.He never taught me how to drive again but rather polish me in the areas where i needed to get to pass level.His calm and positive approach made me feel very calm in the car and helped me understand what was needed to achieve this level.Gordon is very knowledgeable and any questions i asked were answered.I only got two minor faults in my extended test which i was thrilled with,i feel i would never have managed it without Godons tuition.Eskbank driving schoo lis highly recommended for anyone wanting to learn to drive and obtain their driving licence.

Chris Winward, Stobhill

My experience of learning to drive with Gordon was great,he made you feel at ease all the time even when i was panicking,he was always encouraging and is genuinely a great instructor and i would highly recommend him.

Chelsea Ross, Edinburgh

Gordon is a good instructor he works through everything methodically and progresses according to individual ability.Would highly recommend Gordon as a driving instructor

Thomas Beadnall, Edinburgh

Gordon is an excellent instructor ,always patient and friendly so you feel relaxed and don't let stressing out get in the way of learning what you need to,a positive encouraging attitude and excellent tuition means you can be sure you'll make good progress towards the goal of passing your test.Can't recommend highly enough for anyone looking to learn to drive.

Chris Foster,Morningside

Gordon is a great driving instructor one of the best,i would recommend that anyone thinking about taking driving lessons go with him as he explains everything perfectly and makes it easy to understand.

Nathan Hall, Edinburgh

I dont think instructor is the correct job title for Gordon,teacher would be more suited to what he does.You are told exactlywhat needs to be done and then methodically taught the simplest way to do it.I had other instructors before Gordon who did not bring me to test standard,i honestly couldn't recommend Gordon high enough.Thanks again.

Craig Wright, Edinburgh

I would like to thank Gordon for helping me pass my test 1st attempt.I had never drove a car before my first lesson and by the end i was really confident. The thing i loved was that he always knew when to move on and never held me back.Plus as it neared my test he basically turned into an examiner more than an instructor to give me an idea of how much you can be failed for .Gordon was amazing and in the end he made me pass my driving test,thats all i could've asked for.I thoroughly recommend Gordon to anybody looking for a driving instructor.Thanks again Gordon for helping me pass

Hannah Scott, Bonnyrigg

Just want to say a massive thank you for sticking by me ,i couldn't have done it without your support and patience which gave me the confidence to pass 1st attempt.Would recommend you to all my friends,thanks again.

Ioanna, Musselburgh

Gordon is a fantastic teacher,i passed my test just 12 weeks after turning 17 on my first attempt.Many thanks.

Emily Hume, Elginhaugh

I really enjoyed my lessons ,gordon is a great instructor who kept me calm and helped me to get over my initial fears and gave me the confidence to sit my test and pass first time .Thanks again.

Nina Murdoch, North Berwick


Gordon has been a great instructor and has been very supportive and patient,any criticism was most definitely constructive,belief in my abilities was encouraged and friendly tuition throughout made it a more enjoyable experience despite my nerves and lack of confidence.I would highly recommend Gordon to anyone who wants to pass their test.Thanks again for getting me through my test and for all the lessons on the way, i really appreciated it.

Michelle Ramsay , Edinburgh

I stumbled across the website and decided to give it a go.Thankfully it turns out that i made the right decision,Gordon managed to make the manoeuvres extremely easy to learn and we got through my test on the second attempt.

Louise Wilkinson, Newtongrange

Gordons patient and methodical approach got me through my driving test first time in just over three months.Excellent during lessons and completely relaxing on the day of the test.Would highly recommend,thanks for everything.

Paul Reid , Musselburgh

I have already started recommending Gordon to my friends who, like me have managed to reach their 30s without learning to drive. I was really pleased with the structure of the lessons, the pace we moved through things and obviously the fact that I passed! I have had lessons previously and was wary of instructors who don't keep track of what they have taught, or who drag out the learning process for their benefit but certainly had neither of those problems with Gordon. It's really hard to find a decent driving instructor so I would definitely recommend that you choose Gordon.

Jillian Paton, Edinburgh

I really enjoyed taking my driving lessons with Gordon,he is very patient and made learning to drive fun.

Sarah Scotland, Bonnyrigg

I wish to thank Gordon for his patience and calmness while teaching me how to drive I had tried to learn how to drive before and gave up. But Gordon broke down the lessons in to easy chunks and went over them with me and gained my confidence to pass the driving test. I would have no hesitation in recommending Gordon and the driving school.

Catherine Fraser, Edinburgh

Just want to say a massive thank you for my driving lessons and i couldn't have done it without your support and patience which gave me the confidence to pass 1st attempt.

Nikki Mcneish, Portobello

Thanks Gordon for getting me through my test,Thanks for all your tips and patience.

Jenifer Hewat, Edinburgh

I held an automatic licence for over 10 years in Australia but wanted to learn manual in the UK. My instructor Gordon was very patient and calm which put me at ease. I needed to re-learn and adjust some bad habits I'd picked up over the years, and Gordon was thorough in explaining where improvements were needed to make me a safer driver.The lessons were structured well and I was shown some really helpful tips that took the guess-work out of maneuvers.Gordon's experience of putting many learners through their test successfully meant he could explain faults previous students had made so I could learn from them.I was thrilled to pass my test the first time with only one driver fault. Nearly a clean sheet! I would recomend Gordon and the driving school to learners no matter what your background or driving experience.

Jo Hammill,Edinburgh (Brisbane , Australia )

I would say that ive had a great experience learning to drive and always looked forward to my lessons.You have a lot of great methods and break down each lesson so you understand each manoeuvre.I would definitely recommend you to my friends and family.

Stephanie Graham, Edinburgh

I had sat and failed a few driving tests when i lived up north which put me off for a few years,When i moved to Edinburgh to work i decided to give it another go ,after some lessons with Gordon i felt confident enough to sit my test and passed at Musselburgh ,thanks again.

Luke Chanarin, Edinburgh

I didnt give Gordon a lot of time to get me ready for my test as i was leaving the country to go to the states for 2 years and wanted to get my licence before i went,after about 20 lessons i managed to get a test cancellation with two days to spare and sat my test at musselburgh and passed.Many thanks for all your help and support.

Laura Bremner, Edinburgh

Gordon was always calm,friendly and patient.He also gave me the encouragement i needed to go on and pass my test,i would recommend him to any of my friends who are thinking of getting driving lessons.

Olwen Bell, Edinburgh

Thank you once again Gordon for all your help and patience.It was a pleasure to have driving lessons with you,the way you teach is very professional and you never let me give up and gave me support when i needed it.I could not have had a better instructor than you and i will be recommending you to others.

Kasia Kopec, Edinburgh

I found Gordon to be patient,good humoured and safety focused instructor.His clear and thorough instruction gave me the confidence,knowledge and awareness to pass first time... .RECOMMENDED !!

Graeme Ramsay , Edinburgh

Gordon has been a great driving instructor,he's always been pleasant and fair to me and i think his teaching has made me the best driver i can be.He has always looked out for me and been sure to promptly correct any mistakes i've made.What more could i ask for in an instructor.

Stina Fisher/Feist, Portobello

I just want to say a big thank you Gordon for your patience and your friendliness and most of all for getting me through my test and passing first time, im still buzzing. I will definitely be recommending you to friends who are looking for an instructor.

Susan Kay, Wallyford

Gordon is a good instructor who has taught me the skills to pass my test and also be a good safe driver.He was always very helpful and patient and explained things in a way that i found easy to understand and gave me the confidence needed to pass.

Michael Marriott, Edinburgh

Gordon was not my first instructor,i felt with my previous lessons that i was not progressing as well as i had hoped my friend Jenna Wright told me about gordon so i booked some lessons,im glad i did i found gordons teaching methods worked well with me and i started to get my confidence very quickly.It wasnt long before gordon told me to book my test as he felt i was ready ,i sat my test at musselburgh and passed first attempt i have no hesitation in recommending Gordon to my friends.

Jenny martin, Edinburgh

Thanks again for all your help, it's been really enjoyable to learn to drive :) and i got there in the end.'Learning to drive with you has been great fun, I found the lessons really enjoyable and your teaching easy to listen to and simple to catch on with. You have the absolute patience of a saint, and have got me through my lessons all the way to passing the test. Your guidance and support has helped me all the way. Thanks again.

Leanne Georgeson, Edinburgh

Initially i found driving pretty scary but Gordon helped me so much and now i love it and feel really confident on the road.I am so happy to have passed first time,thanks for everything Gordon.

Imogen Grant, Edinburgh

"Having previously had ten lessons with another instructor I was left feeling disatisfied at my rate of progress. I found Gordon's approach of breaking down common driving situations as they arose and teaching me a step by step approach for each of the manouvres helped me improve much more quickly. After eleven lessons with Gordon I passed my practical test first time!"

Jon McKenzie, Portobello

I was entirely satisfied with Mr Rankin's performance as a driving instructor. He took over teaching my daughter to drive after she failed her test under another instructor. He rapidly built up her confidence and expertise resutling in an early pass of her driving test. Throughout his interaction with my daugher he was at pains to emphasise driving safety and compliance with the law.

JM Wilkie, Edinburgh

Gordon has taught three of my children to drive. Throughout their instruction I was completely satisfied with his tuition and his emphasis on safety. I am more than happy with their standard of driving. He has always behaved in an extremely professional and courteous manner and I would have no hesitation on recommending Gordon as a driving instruction.

Keith Murdoch, North Berwick

Gordon was my first and only driving instructor,whom i would recommend to anyone without hesitation.I started lessons in October 2009 and around 30 hours of lessons later i passed in May 2010.Gordon was extremely patient and made driving feel comfortable and enjoyable.

Jenna Wright, Edinburgh

Gordon is phenomenally patient! I was a really nervous learner but Gordon never let me give up. I would happily recommend him to others

Caroline Gibson, Edinburgh

I think that Gordon is a very good driving instructor,he is patient and gives you confidence.He is easy to get along with.He follows a set plan and when you are ready for your test you dont have to pay for unnecessary lessons.I have recommended him to my friends.

Angus Maclean, Edinburgh